Kathryn Motsinger

Daily Schedule
7:50-8:05 Homeroom
8:05-8:48 Intervention
8:48-9:50 1st period Math
9:52-10:52 2nd period Math
10:54-11:44 3rd period Math Part 1
11:47-12:54 4th period Exploratory and Lunch
12:56-1:37 5th period Exploratory
1:39-1:58 3rd period Math Part 2
2:00-3:05 6th period Social Studies
Contact hours during planning/exploratory
Classroom expectations and procedures can be found on Remind
Grading Scale
90-100   A
80-89     B
70-79     C
60-69     D
below 60   F
Professional Background
Baldwin-Wallace College (now Baldwin Wallace University), Berea, OH
Bachelor of Science in Education
The University of North Carolina- Greensboro, Greensboro, NC
Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction
National Board Certified
Middle Childhood Generalist
Work History
I have been teaching in North Carolina since 2003.