7th Grade Social Studies

Google Classroom Code:  QB82GGG    (This contains a running calendar of EVERYTHING we do on a daily basis)


Mr. Bruni’s 7th grade Social Studies

Course Description

Students in grade 7 will study aspects of World History from Age of Exploration to Globalization/Current Events. Students will recognize that history and culture influence a society and students will recognize current world events and connect those events to topics of study.



Students will recognize how civilizations change within and across eras of time. Students will enhance their geographic skills and foster an understanding of other cultures. Students will recognize how the past influences their lives today.  Students will continue to develop their reading, note taking, writing, and critical thinking skills that will prepare them for the next grade level and provide value in other academic disciplines.


Course Outline

I: Geography       II.  Government    III. Age of Exploration    IV. Renaissance    V. Reformation     VI. Enlightenment     VII. Revolutions      VIII. Imperialism    IX. World Wars      X. Cold War


Classroom Content

This class will be comprised mostly of note taking, book work, and technology projects.  There will be a Google Classroom which will act as the classroom calendar.  If you are absent, need to catch up on notes, or lost your homework for the night, you can find the activity/PowerPoint on Google Classroom.  All technology projects will be uploaded via Google Classroom and graded through it as well.  There will be plenty of in school time for the technology projects.  Google Classroom is for all my classes and the class code is sse3b1


Methods of Assessments

Classwork/Homework, Quizzes, Unit Tests, Projects, Presentations.  After all technology forms have been turned in, ALL testing, including benchmarks and the final exam will be on the computers.  So it is imperative to turn in all the technology forms as soon as you can.


Grading Scale

A: 90-100           B: 80-89                                C: 79-70                                D: 60-69                                F: 0-59

Major Grades (Test, Projects):                                                    40 Percent

Minor Grades: (Quizzes, Projects):                                                35 Percent

Homework/Classwork (Warmups, Textbook activities)            25 Percent


Late Work

I expect all homework and projects to be submitted in class or online the day they are due.  However, if you forgot, or did not do your homework you will be penalized 50 points.  However, I will accept late work until the grading period ends.  If you were absent on the due date I expect it the day you come back for full credit.  


Contact Information

It is easiest to contact me via email: MichaelBruni@davidson.k12.nc.us