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Welcome To Mrs. Blackwelder's WebPage
Hello. My name is Mrs. Lindsey Blackwelder, and I am excited to be teaching your child this year! I have earned my Bachelor's degree from Greensboro College this past May with a concentration in Middle-Grade Mathematics. However, this year at Ledford, I will be teaching 8th grade Math, Math 1, and Social Studies. Below is general information about my classes. If you need any other information, please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Mrs. Blackwelder's Daily Schedule -- 1st Quarter

7:55 - 8:05 Homeroom

8:05 - 8:48 Intervention

8:48 - 9:50 Math 1 Section 81

9:52 - 10:52 Math 8 Section 82

10:54 - 12:35 Math 8 Section 83

11:03 - 11:33 Lunch

12:37 - 1:38 Social Studies 8 Section 84

1:38 - 3:05 Exploratory/ Planning



Mrs. Blackwelder contact information:   


Email:     Phone: 336-476-4816


Parents can students can also reach me through the Remind app. Please contact me for the Remind app code for your student's classroom to get connected.




Expectations and Code of Conduct



Have a positive attitude.

Come to class prepared.

Be respectful.

Be responsible.

Try your best.

Work Hard.


1st offense -Teacher selected consequence and Panther Penalty

2nd offense -Teacher selected consequence and Panther Penalty

3rd offense - Single PERIOD Panther Academy and Panther Penalty

4th offense -Single DAY Panther Academy and Panther Penalty

5th offense- Office referral


Panther Penalties will reset after each quarter; HOWEVER, Panther Penalties follow you from teacher to teacher.


Grading Procedures


    • (Math 8 and Social Studies) 40% Major works, 35% Minor works, 25% Class/Homework
    • (Math 1) Tests 60%, Quizzes 30%, Classwork/Homework 10%


Current (10-pt. Scale)








 iReady and/or Khan Academy


Davidson County Schools will be participating in I-Ready/Khan Academy this year. One class period a week will be dedicated to I-Ready/Khan Academy in Math. These assignments are classwork grades. Students should also work on I-Ready/Khan Academy at home, as this is the ONLY way to receive extra points on assessments. Students will be responsible for maintaining an I-Ready/Edgenuity log for each quarter. Lost logs will NOT be replaced.


For Math 1 students (Only) must complete their I-Ready lesson plan assignments by January 24, 2018. This will count as a major grade. Khan Academy will replace I-Ready beginning 3rd Quarter. Khan Academy is an online resource to help prepare students for their Math 1 EOC.


Google Classroom


Google Classroom is a great way to keep in touch with what your student is doing in the classroom. It is also a great way for students who are absent during the school year to get caught up on work that they may have missed. Daily notes, Classwork/Homework Assignments, and answer keys will the uploaded continuously throughout the year. If you are wanting to join your child Google Classroom, please contact me for the Google Classroom code.