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Professional Background
      After graduating from Wake Forest University with a degree in Physics, I entered the Air Force where I worked with
GPS satellites, as a satellite control officer for four years. I then moved to High Point and became a Chemist in the water quality laboratory, where I worked for four years before taking time off to stay at home with my children.  In 2002, I began my teaching career in Guilford County Schools.  In 2004, I began teaching at Ledford Middle School as a sixth grade teacher. I currently teach only science, but am certified to teach Math and Science.
Contact Info
                      I am available during planning times for parent conferences and will answer emails promptly
Daily Schedule
                                                                 8:00 - 8:48     Homeroom and interventions
                                                                 8:50 - 10:17    Planning first rotation
                                                                 10:19 - 11:19  3rd period
                                                                 11:21 - 12:56  4th period
                                                                  Lunch 11:51 - 12:21
                                                                 12:58 - 1:58    5th period
                                                                  2:00 - 3:05     6th period
Classroom expectations and procedures
        Students should come to class on time with all materials and assignments.  Materials needed on a daily basis include student agendas, science binder, paper, pencil, and any current assignments.  The science binder will be a very important part of student success.  They will be created together in class and will be used as the primary resource for studying for tests and quizzes.  Classroom rules are posted in my classroom and should be followed at all times.
Grading procedures
                                                                                     Grading scale:
                                                                                     90-100     A
                                                                                     80 - 89     B
                                                                                     70 - 79     C
                                                                                     60 - 69     D
                                                                                     Below 60  F
                                                                Assignments will be weighted as follows:
                                                                            Major assignments 40%
                                                                            Minor assignments 35%
                                                                            Homework              25%