Curriculum: The Common Core reflects the state standards and math and language arts.  Social Studies and Science follow Essential Standards that connect directly to the Common Core.  The appropriate curriculum is used throughout the state in each grade level and in each subject area, thus offering a uniform curriculum for all of North Carolina's students. It is upon that standard curriculum that all statewide testing is based. Teachers use their professional skills, creativity, and varied resources to teach the myriad of concepts required in the Standard Course of Study.

Enrichment: Students at Ledford Middle School have the opportunity to participate in art, general music, chorus, band, Career Technical Education (CTE), and physical education during the school day.  Essential Standards in each subject directly reflect the common core and the subject's age-appropriate content.

Computers and technology:
 Ledford has two instructional computer labs, a career technology computer lab, a 30-laptop mobile lab, two CTE synergistics labs, smartboards, and computers in each classroom.  

Academically Gifted: Students who are identified as academically gifted may receive resource assistance in the sixth through eighth grades if they meet state and local standards. 

Assessment: Teachers assess students using benchmarks, daily, formal and formative assessments.  These are varied and common ways to let the teacher know the level of student understanding.  Ledford follows the testing schedule established by the local sc